Our portfolio

Built Environment

Buildings are responsible for 39% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. The construction industry needs better tools to plan and track the decarbonization of new and existing buildings.

Adaptis is the first Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform that automates and optimizes the most efficient design options for reducing cost and carbon emissions, and improving material circularity.

Implemented at the projects feasibility stage, Adaptis can reduce up to 80% embodied and operating emissions in existing buildings, and 50% of construction and demolition waste in new buildings.

Climate Management

More than 700 of the largest 2,000 publicly traded companies have made net zero commitments. As businesses are ill-equipped to operationalize sustainability, firms must engage their workforces from the bottom-up to help achieve their climate commitments.

Carbon Neutral Club is an employee engagement and educational platform that help SMBs and enterprises create a culture of climate action. Employees can measure and offset their carbon footprints through purchases of carbon credits. 

The average American emits ~19 tonnes of CO2/year. With behaviour nudges and education, Carbon Neutral Club has the potential to reduce up to 6-8 tonnes of CO2/ year/ employee. 

Mobility Solutions

With the acceleration of the electrification of urban micro-mobility, users are looking for more safety and adaptability.

FTEX manufactures GaN motor controllers, powering smaller, safer, and more efficient micro-mobility equipment. FTEX also develops an IoT Mobile App which fully customizes the users’ riding experience with GPS tracking, remote locking, diagnostics and AI dynamic drive.

FTEX enables 15 -20% higher battery efficiency.